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    Ashley | Biddy Tarot

    Hi Abby! 

    Thank you so much for sharing what is happening in your world right now! We love to hear you are turning to Tarot and really diving into what the energy around you, is trying to tell you. I totally can understand that following your intuition when it comes to readings can feel like we are assuming things. 

    The truth is, sometimes, it can be hard to differentiate between your intuition and your prior knowledge of the Tarot. That's why Brigit encourages readers to work with their intuition alongside having an understanding of the 'traditional' meanings of the cards.

    Also remember that sometimes, Tarot readings don't make sense straight away. Brigit often recommends waiting a few days, weeks, or even months, and then coming back to the Tarot reading again to see if the messages resonate with you.

    I highly recommend keeping a Tarot journal - either in hardcopy in a beautiful diary, or in a word processor like Google Docs. You can write down your initial thoughts, and keep coming back to read and add more notes as events unfold. This is a powerful practice in seeing how subtle shifts in energy and seemingly unrelated events can impact or attribute to your readings.

    Brigit has some awesome free content available on the Biddy Tarot website on this very topic. I'd recommend checking out:

    You can also request a free tarot reading on the Biddy Tarot webiste, and may that will give you some more insight! If you want to receive a free reading you can do so, by clicking here! 


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