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Mid-year planner purchase advice


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    Ashley | Biddy Tarot

    Hi Danielle Bequeaith, 

    Thanks for reaching out to Biddy Tarot! 

    We're so excited to hear you purchased the Biddy Tarot planner! 

    We think it's never too late to align yourself with the energy of the month. 

    You can surely jump back into past spreads if you feel called to do so. 

    Brigit selected the monthly cards for 2021 by tapping into the Universal energy that surrounds us all, shuffling her deck concentrating on each month, and drawing a card. So even though the intention went into utilizing it in live time, you can still reflect on how events during that time may be impacting your current energy. 

    Remember, there are no rules to Tarot and whatever feels best to you and your journey is accurate! :) 

    I hope that helps bring some clarity to your question! 

    We're always here to support your Tarot journey further on a phone chat! 

    We can discuss what it would look like to create a unique plan to help you move forward on your Tarot path. To schedule a time to speak with one of our Student Advisors, please click here to reserve your spot.

    Happy Tarot'ing! 




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